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Your portable vocabulary note

AI-powered personalized word management solutions help you remember more new words and see the wider world.

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Super power

A whole new way to memorize words

The following innovative features help you record the new words you encounter more conveniently

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Simple and useful

Rich and fast way to add,
easily manage all the new words encountered in life

NewWord support includes iOS/iPadOS system sharing menu, photo OCR, photo album OCR, manual import and other ways to add new words

  • System sharing menu, select text and share to new words to add
  • Picture/photo OCR, you can also get it if you encounter an APP that cannot be selected and copied.
  • Add it manually, the simpler it is, the more effective it is.
  • The unique traceability system retains the sentences and pictures when added.
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AI-Powered Insights

The AI assistant helps you complete daily review, vocabulary expansion, and memorizing words is no longer boring.

NewWord has built-in AI assistant service to provide you with value-added services on the way to memorize words.

  • AI word definition, one word, multiple example sentences
  • Diversified review strategies to consolidate word memory with the help of AI

Everything we do is to help you remember the new word

New Words is a fully functional word book. It can help you handle the new words you encounter on a daily basis and convert them into your vocabulary.

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Fit into daily life

New words start from reality and record the new words you encounter in your daily reading. Through the ingenious addition mechanism design, you can easily go back to the scene where new words were added.

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Fast and neat

New words innovatively use the sharing menu that comes with the system to add new words. The new words encountered can be easily aggregated and added to the new words for unified management.

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Powered by AI

The new word is connected to the latest AI assistant, which can help you retrace and organize the content in the new word book in time for easy memory.

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Comming soon

Support Apple platforms

Whether it's iOS, iPadOS, macOS or visionOS, you get a consistent experience. iOS version will be available first in 2024.

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Your data belongs only to you

New words are just your competent new word management tool, you can export and migrate your word data at any time.

Client Testimonials

NewWord is used by people all over the world.

NewWord has completely changed how I approach learning new languages. Its intuitive design and extensive vocabulary make it an indispensable tool for anyone looking to expand their linguistic skills. Truly grateful for this app!
Alex Turner

Alex Turner

University Student

I've been using NewWord for several months and it's fantastic! The daily reminders and personalized word lists help me consistently improve my vocabulary. Thanks, NewWord, for making language learning so accessible and enjoyable.
Isabella Garcia

Isabella Garcia

Language Teacher

The NewWord app has been a game changer for our team's communication skills in multiple languages. Its easy-to-use interface and practical exercises have greatly enhanced our global interactions. Highly recommend this app!
Ethan Brown

Ethan Brown

Multilingual Coordinator

NewWord has streamlined our multilingual training programs. Its comprehensive content and user-friendly quizzes make it perfect for our diverse team. It's helped us bridge communication gaps efficiently!
Sophia Wilson

Sophia Wilson

International Relations Student

Using NewWord has significantly improved my foreign language sales pitches. The scenario-based learning modules are incredibly effective. I'm closing more deals than ever thanks to this amazing app!
Michael Smith

Michael Smith

Global Sales Manager

NewWord has been instrumental in helping our finance team communicate better with international clients. The app's focus on business vocabulary is spot on. Appreciate this tool for making our work easier!
Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson

Finance Analyst

Accumulate a few steps a day to a thousand miles

It is a learning tool and an efficiency tool. New words are your strongest assistant for learning a new language.

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